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Isaac + Keisha - December 2020

Updated: Jun 3, 2021

Isaac and Keisha contacted me about photographing their Newcastle wedding in December of 2020. They wanted to have their wedding several months later but with the pandemic still in full swing, there were many details that were still up in the air! Isaac is a photographer too, he mostly focuses on landscapes. It’s always both a compliment, and slightly nerve wracking when a fellow photographer asks you to photograph them! Check Isaac’s amazing landscapes at

We met for coffee soon after and I really enjoyed hearing about how they met and how their relationship unfolded. They met each other through their church, and their relationship was actually a surprise to lots of their friends as it had developed mostly while we were in lockdown. Not even a global pandemic could keep this love story from happening!

On the day of their wedding, I visited both of them as they prepared. This gave me a good chance to get to know the bridal party and close family members. Both of them were a bit nervous but overall pretty relaxed. The morning was filled with laughs and jokes and some posing practice from the more outgoing of the bridal party.

Once the girls were done it was over to the boys ...

As fate would have it, their initial ceremony location became unavailable due to COVID restrictions, so right up until a few weeks from the big day – we were still waiting for confirmation about the place they would end up saying their vows. In the end they were married in a grand old Presbyterian church with plenty of room to host their guests.

As it was Easter Saturday, the long weekend meant it was ideal for friends and family to travel interstate. During the ceremony I always try and catch the audience’s reactions. A wedding officiant who cracks lots of jokes always makes this part easier!

Isaac and Keisha chose to have their Reception immediately after the midday Ceremony. I loved this as it meant their formal photos wouldn’t have the pressure of a time limit, and would be later in the afternoon which is better for lighting. Newey Burger Co provided lunch that was both delicious AND COVID safe! The outdoor park location was also beautiful, and spacious. Thankfully the weather was kind to us. Speeches are another chance for me to catch lots of smiles.

Finally we moved to the portrait session at two locations special to Isaac and Keisha – King Edward Park and the Hickson St Lookout in Merewether. Isaac and Keisha were not afraid to show their love for one another by being affectionate which I loved, It meant I didn’t have to prompt them too much and could focus on capturing their intimate moments together. Isaac and Keisha had communicated that they wanted the vibe of their photos to be fun and I think that certainly came through!

As the sun started to go down, we headed to the Lookout. This provided some pretty spectacular backgrounds to our photos, but I also wanted to make use of a small bushy path I had noticed nearby. The filtered afternoon light and lush greenery made for some of my favourite shots of the day. Sometimes the best photos come from the most unexpected places, if you know what to look for!

All up it was a beautiful day and I really enjoyed being a part of it.

Congrats again to the happy couple - Nick.

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